Your Disappointment Is Not Normal

To me, the biggest thing I hate seeing in other people is disappointment. The disappointment of not having achieved their fitness or health goals. The disappointment of not having the kind of dating partner or dating lifestyle they are satisfied with. The disappointment of not being able to work at a job or earn a living doing something they are truly proud of, of doing something that LITERALLY makes them jump out of them. I hate seeing that more than anything.

Because to me, life is worth living, and it is there for taking. EVERYTHING you need to achieve any one of these things is there, and available to. And I dare add, IF YOU LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES, any resources necessary to achieve your goals is certainly–WITHOUT A DOUBT–available to you. With Web 3.0– Youtube, Google and other search engines, and social media–you LITERALLY have a digital, portable encyclopedia of knowledge on ANY topic you could possibly think of, AT YOUR FINGERTIPS.
So to me, it blows my mind when people say “I can’t do this, I don’t know how” or “I’m not smart enough”.

Like what?? You can read can’t you? You know how to write can’t you? So what’s stopping you? What’s your excuse?

You have none. You have NO EXCUSE to not create the life of your dreams. You have NO EXCUSE to not have the things in life that you desire. Whether it’s a Ferrarri, whether it’s a $100,000, or whether it’s a girl that you are TERRIBLY attracted to. You simply have NO. EXCUSE.

If you want any of these things, the steps are SIMPLE.

1.Write it down as a goal, giving yourself a DATE and TIME, a deadline by which you will accomplish said goal
2.READ. Acquire all the necessary information you need to achieve said goal.
3.Implement the acquired knowledge into a plan, that, AS LONG AS YOU EXECUTE SAID PLAN, you will move closer to, and, INEVITABLY, achieve said goal.
4.EXECUTE. Take right action. Put in the work.

Period. It’s as simple as that.

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You really have nothing to loose…and if you’ve been struggling to make this happen on your own, then you truly have no excuse 😉

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