Steven helped me focus on a script and gather ideas for my comedy parody, ‘magnumb, private eye’, I wrote. He also gave some insight into humor writing and marketing for my script and for my book on amazon.com called “Tom Selleck: I know what you’re thinking’.

Richard A. Tallent


Thank you for giving me a new look to my brand! You listen to what I was looking for and you gave it to me. And you did it within two days. And it is already getting rave reviews from colleagues of mine!

Again thank you for the work you did!”

Jerry Schwartz
CEO of Jerry The Geek Jerry The Geek

“I was launching my company, CD Dollar Roadside Assistance, when I realized that I needed a digital presence online. Because of the influence of social media in this day and age, you would be absolutely foolish to miss this critical step. The unfortunate reality is that most web designers do not always connect with their clients in a way that creates a sustaining, long-term relationship.

This is when I reached out to Steven.

He instantly took care of me, setting me with a website, and taking care of my hosting settings, in no time whatsoever. He then went the extra mile, setting up security, backup, and all the small details, that you don’t take the time to think about, that contributes to a stellar, stellar, STELLAR website.

Basically, he’s the man. If you need ANYTHING, if you have any problem, he is the problem solver.

You simply can’t go wrong with Steven. He is truly a game changer.”

Eric Cruickshank
CEO of CD Dollar 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

»You had very fast turn-around time and were able to pinpoint problems with the original video with expertise”

Ricky Agrawal

“Steven has been an asset to my newly developing business. He has helped me create a welcoming and attractive presence for my online store. Thank you for all you do”

Shanna Vick-Morris
CEO of Eco Local Markets

“Our business was stalling because we were missing the technical know how. We knew which direction we wanted to go; but could not move forward; because we did not know how to perfectly price our services. We now feel that we are getting exactly what we are worth. Thanks!”

Joakim Vincent
CEO of Karamel509

“Steven thanks for the help and assistance on our website!! It came out great! It’s been a pleasure working together and your service has been outstanding! Look forward to continuing a long term business relationship. *thumbs up*”

Jason Pineda
CEO of Flex Fit Gym 24/7 Flex Fit Gym 24/7

 « Steven,

Thank you for your help finalizing my wedding website. Your time and patience is extremely appreciated! You removed an extreme amount of stress around the Web designing process!

Thank you again!”

Latisha Hagler

“I fell asleep during the massage…enough said!!!”

-On the Healing Arts

Phil Jackson