About Me

Who Am I

Steven Ouandji.
Born in Yaounde, Cameroon.
Brother of 2 sisters and 3 brothers.
Blessed with a burning passion to learn, grow, and help those in need.
Computer engineer major.
Avid life learner.
Enjoyed and cherished his time spent volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and American Cancer Society Discovery Shop.
Peace Prize winner awarded by the President of Angola.
Uses massage therapy as a vehicle to heal and alleviate the pain caused by arthritis, fibromyalgia, and improper body mechanics, among other issues.
Helps people unleash their potential.
Uses digital marketing--websites, mobile applications, videography, graphic design, and programming--to deliver powerful solutions for businesses.
Solely wishes to play professional soccer, and be nothing more but a source of value, positivity, and inspiration for those around him.
Believes we are entering the era of the Golden Age.

The Purpose of 1Wave

1Wave is a call to action: Empower yourself. I wish for people to question and re-define the meaning of Reality itself. On all levels; mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical. My purpose is to create a global, higher-consciousness, spiritual awakening.

Ultimately, I want people to start connecting the dots together and see that each part of their life is interconnected, and not separate, independent compartments of their lives. They are pieces that tie to the whole that is their life, which is tied to the Whole that is the World.

If everyone started thinking that way...my God what a world we'd have.

Through proper understanding and internalizing of key concepts like reframing, Reticular Activating System, single-point meditation, and diaphragmatic breathing, I wish to see each of my clients empowered , ready to achieve emotional mastery, clarity, and upgraded with wisdom that will enable them to take on the world!

I believe that if people can see how their dreams can become their reality, the inner transformation they undergo will change all parts of their lives, stirring them to empower others in the same manner. This domino effect will essentially create the Golden Age. This is my vision.

So how is 1Wave contributing to this?  Simple:
By providing you with high quality information!

At 1Wave, you will find ALL kinds of information. How to earn more money, how to lose weight, how to relate and communicate with people better, and much, much more. Essentially, you will learn how to unleash more of your Infinite potential, provided you're willing to do the work, of course.

It will, without a doubt, provide you with SO much value that you will have no excuse, and no choice but to take action and change your life!

Now, I know that if you're reading this, you're quite serious about changing your life and have the determination and drive do this now...else you wouldn't be here at all!

Each subject you find information on, I can help you achieve results even faster, not only because of my experience and education as an engineer, but also because I have, more than likely, already achieved the results you're looking for.