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Hey guys,

I recently had a conversation with a close relationship..He was contemplating signing up for disability, and since he's had difficult personal circumstances--mental illness, depression, life crisis--occur to him, he would irrefutably be eligible for it.

I advised against doing it..and the reason why I advised him ties into one of my personal philosophies, core values, and an example of the power of self-perception and self-development.

My response was a lengthy one, and upon second reflection, I realized that it could actually IMPACT, and help someone grow out there.

Hope you get something out of this!

Until next time 😉

"If I were you, I WOULD NOT sign up for disability, and here's why. See, I learned a POWERFUL lesson a while ago: EVERY MOMENT OF YOUR LIFE, you are IMPRINTING your Mind with what is "tolerable" or "I can pass it off as being ok" behavior or "intolerable" or "This is ABSOLUTELY not ACCEPTABLE" behavior. How do we do this? Through our thoughts!! Thoughts become words. Words become action. EX: I have the thought "I'm going to be a RIDICULOUSLY successful professional soccer player". By my energizing it AKA by my THINKING ABOUT THE THOUGHT, I'm saying to my SUBCONSCIOUS that it is "OK to hold thoughts and ideas like these". SO then my subconscious relays the message..."YO, OP said it's cool. So it's cool. THINK MORE LIKE THAT", cause WHATEVER YOU FOCUS ON, THERE YOU ARE. So more thoughts come like that. So now, I start adopting the speech patterns, and SUBTLE communication patterns of that idea. SO now, I start thinking AND speaking like a soccer player.. Since words become action, I NOT ONLY START speaking like one, but I start ACTING like one..I become more persistant. I never lose my eyes on the goal and AGGRESSIVELY go for the goal. etc etccc. THUS, I have, ULTIMATELY, TURNED MYSELF into a soccer player. This is the SAMEEE WAY people become criminals..Remember what they, AND EVEN ESPECIALLY MUM says, "it's not the big things, but the little things"..why? Cause we're habit-oriented creatures. You do something once, you're more likely to do it again. So. If you allow YOURSELF to ENERGIZE the idea that "I'm disabled", if you allow YOURSELF to pass ideas or thoughts OF THAT ENERGY, OF THAT GENRE, you will, INEVITABLY, be allowing YOURSELF to TURN DISABLED. "I'm disabled. So I need help"<===Thought "I can't do this BECAUSE I'm disabled"<====Words Does NOT PUSH or try to PERSIST past "perceived" limitations. Gives up RIDICULOUSLY easily in face of adversity or hardship. Always THINKS he's not good enough, or not CAPABLE enough ON HIS OWN AKA DOES NOT TRUST IN HIS FACULTIES, and ALWAYS feels like external intervention is required<===Actions NEVER HOLD ANY THOUGHT OR IDEA THAT DOES NOT EMPOWER YOU because IN THAT VERY MOMENT, YOU--NOT ANYONE ELSE; not the ENVIRONMENT, not the SICKNESS, not the DOCTOR, etcc--are DISEMPOWERING YOUR VERY SELF, and THROWING--not even handing, THROWING--away your OWN, GOD-GIVEN, NATURAL Power. Remember that If, with MIND ALONE, we're able to: -Design and operate vehicles that take us to Space -Design and create monuments that are N-TIMES TALLER THAN OUR OWN NATURAL HEIGHTS that stand, WITHOUT FALLING, with ease, whileee PASSING THE TEST OF TIME -Design and create technologies that are autonomous -COMPLETELY HEAL (Google man being healed of cancer by 3 eastern energy healers whom agree upon a single WORD that encapsulates his Healing, and chant it AS THEY LAY HANDS ON THE SICK MAN) one another through prayer, or intention, or thought ALONE You BEST BELIEVE you have the Power to MAKE YOURSELF SICK as well... But don't blindly believe me. Test the hypothesis. Do the research. Conduct your own experiment. As Jim Rohn said, "Don't be a follower, be a student...Poison is poison, and sugar is sugar. Drop sugar in your coffee, and it'll be GREAT coffee. Drop poison in your coffee and you'll die. If your best friend drops sugar in your coffee, you'll be fine. If they drop poison in your coffee, you'll die. EVEN THOUGH YOUR BEST FRIEND HAD NOOOOOO IDEA, and even PROBABLY MEANT WELL, probably MEANT TO DROP SUGAR, probably was THINKING HE WAS DROPPING SUGAR, REALITY IS THAT he DROPPED POISON, and POISON IS POISON, and IT WILL KILL YOU. Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind" 😉 "

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