The Current You Doesn’t Deserve Success

“You can’t solve a problem at the same level of awareness at which the problem was created..Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result”

This means that you can’t find the solution to your problems without changing your way of seeing your problems or changing your way of handling your problem. Either way, CHANGE is a major requirement.

Furthermore, this also means that you can’t get to where you want to be by doing what you’ve been doing to get to where you are currently. Because, if what you’ve been doing was the thing you need to do to get to where you want to be, you would have already gotten to where you want to be.

This means that if you’ve been drinking alot, and you want to get healthier and have a sexier body, you can’t keep executing the action “drinking alot” because, BASED ON YOUR CURRENT RESULTS, the action “drinking alot” has not been conducive to your goal.

This means that if you’ve been smoking alot, and you want to get rid of your asthma, depression, anxiety, or feeling of confusion or inability to find your purpose and what you’re meant to do, you can’t keep executing the action “smoking alot” because, BASED ON YOUR CURRENT RESULTS, the action “smoking alot” has not been conducive to your goal.

This means that if you’ve been spending money on girls, who you DON’T EVEN LIKE, and who take advantage of your resources while being annoying and disrespectful, justtt to get laid, and you want to have a gorgeous girlfriend who you’re MADLYY attracted to who gets you, who is a PLEASURE to spend time with, who gives JUST AS MUCH, IF NOT MORE than you to the relationship, and who constantly refuses to take your money and ultimately just wants to spend time with you, you can’t keep executing the action “spending money on girls” because, BASED ON YOUR CURRENT RESULTS, the action “spending money on girls”, who you don’t even like has not been conducive to your goal.

This means that if you’ve been working a dead end job that you have nooo passion in, and you go home and spend your time drinking beer, smoking weed, and watching Netflix or Hulu, and you want to be a trillionaire and have your own business, then you can’t keep executing the actions “spend time drinking beer, smoking weed, and watching Netflix or Hulu” because, BASED ON YOUR CURRENT RESULTS, the actions “spend time drinking beer, smoking weed, and watching Netflix or Hulu” has not been conducive to your goal.

What is conducive to your goal are actions that bring you closer to it. PRACTICAL steps, PRACTICAL habits, that, when performed EVERY SINGLE DAY, bring you to the finish line. That, when performed EVERY SINGLE DAY, bring you to your Eldorado.

Practical steps to getting healthier

Step 1 – Cut out all foods that list HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP in its ingredients. High Fructose Corn Syrup is your brain’s DEATH. It’s manufactured poison, and has been linked to lower brain activity, atrophy, and, essentially, is the reason why you currently have low willpower

Step 2 – Eat more SALAD. Increase your body’s ability to photosynthesize AKA the ability to GENERATE ENERGY FROM THE SUN. You are what you eat. Plants can LITERALLY grow ANYWHERE. All they require is 1% of water, and sunlight (WHICH IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE THERE)…so why not take advantage and gain this marvelous ability? It’s absolutely stupid not to!!!

Step 3 – Exercise. Workout. Like not just going on a walk to the store to buy chips. ACTUALLY GO FUCKING WORKOUT. Design a workout program for yourself, or use one of the ENDLESS ones out there, available for your use. Either way, you have NO EXCUSE not to workout. Your body, your muscles require stress, and a SPECIFIC kind of stress, to grow. And that kind of stress can only be found in a proper workout. I’m still mindblown by how many people fail at this step.

Practical steps to getting a hi-quality girlfriend

Step 1 – Approach ALOT OF GIRLS. Approach EVERY SINGLE GIRL or GUY YOU SEE, evennn the fatties!!! That way, you get a feel for the type of personality you like. You get a feel for what you appreciate in a girl or guy, and it gives you something to screen for, something to look for when you’re talking to a girl or guy. That way, you’re no longer a thirstyyyy ass fucking dog EVERYTIME a girl or guy talks to you..You actually become a man or a woman of standards!! I for example look for a compassion, lightheartnedness, and a GENUINE appreciation for my sexual comments..when all 3 are in place, I’m usually in love INSTANTLY hahahaha. Everyone’s different, and have different things that REALLY turn them on and light that fire in their heart. So FIGURE THAT OUT. Find out what REALLY turns you on in a person, look for that in each person you’re talking to, and spend your time interacting with ONLY THOSE PEOPLE!! You’ll find yourself becomes alotttt more pleasurable when you surround yourself with people who YOU, GENUINELY, enjoy, as opposed to people whom you CONSTANTLY FEEL like they are taking advantage of you, or whom constantly take and take and take without EVER giving anything back.

Step 2 – Work on yourself. GET INTO SELF-DEVELOPMENT. Jesus Christ, get some fucking hobbies!!! What is there about you that would make someone want to be around you? If all you have in your life is work, and Netflix, what makes you think someone of value would want to spend their time around that? Get into art. Get into photography. Learn how to cook. Learn how to program or design. Start a bake sale. Volunteer at a local charity or retirement home. I don’t care what it is, but PLEASE FIND SOMETHING TO DO with your fucking timee that doesn’t involve lazying on your couch eating Cheetos and drinking margueritas…you’ll be RIDICULOUSLY SURPRISED by how INCREDIBLE your life becomes. It’ll actually become a QUALITY lifestyle AKA you’ll ACTUALLY, FINALLY, want to live your life!! There’s nooo better feeling than that. It’s more attractive than someone who wears a fucking Rolex or has a Ferrari…READ FUCKING BOOKS. Read about the lives of great men and women who’ve walked the earth. Read something inspiring or motivating. Read something that challenges you to get out of your comfort. Read something that forces you to exert yourself and make yourself smarter, and have a better mastery and comprehension of the fucking English language. Learn something meaningful, instead of being fuckingg worried about Lil Jenner’s new porntape…

Step 3 – Learn how to PROVIDE VALUE. For Christ’s sake, STOP BEING SO FUCKING SELF-CENTERED. Learn to actually, GENUINELY care about someone other than you. Learn how to walk into a room, and focus on making EVERYONE smile. Learn how to make yourself laugh. Learn how to generate your own positive emotions. There’s PLENTY of resources on that…here’s one for starters, . Learn how to do shit for free and selflessly for people without wanting ANYTHING back in return. Learn how to LISTEN to what people have to say, and CARE about learning their point of view and perspectives on life. Learn how to make everyone around you feel good, instead of trying to make everyone do shit for you. Instead of trying to make everyone bend to your will. Instead of trying to make everyone’s attention stay fixated on your pathetic little ass..No matter how accomplished, how awesome, how much of the shit you are, you are NOTHING in the big picture. You are NOTHING in the 2000+ years of time Earth has been around..You’re just an insignificant little wave that makes an appearance at some moment in time, and then fades away into the abyss…”You are dust, and to dust you shall return”..

Practical steps to improving your financial situation

Step 1 – Quit fucking spending money on eating out JUST CAUSE YOURE FRIENDS INVITED YOU OUT. Quit fucking spending money on clothes JUST CAUSE YOU GOT A BONUS or JUST CAUSE YOURE FEELING UGLY..Those are allll signs of a low self-esteem and you don’t need to take it out on your bank account. Learn how to budget your money:
Live on 70%
Pay off debts with 10%

Step 2 – EARN HIGHER INCOME, KEEP EXPENSES LOW. Learn billable, more valuable skills. Read books on programming so you can create impactful tools and software for companies for premium rates. Read books on digital marketing so you can position your products and services in a way that attracts high quality clients. Read books on sales so you can effectively get paid what you’re ACTUALLY WORTH, instead of what you’ve been told you’re worth. As you’re increasing your income, STAY FUCKING DISCIPLINED AND DONT INCREASE YOUR EXPENSES. Just cause you’re earning 10K now doesn’t mean you need to start buying $300 pants or shirts, or spending $300 on a meal…STAY DISCIPLINED. Like Warren Buffet, stay TIGHTFISTED and stick close to your financial plan. Stick close to your financial plan..You’ll be MINDBLOWN by how much money you have available executing on this.

Step 3 – Learn how to invest your money. Make your money work for you. Say you saved $100. Research a good company with sound management and high growth potential who has shares available to buy for the public and buy stocks in that company. Or lend your money to someone and charge an interest rate. Or find something you can buy for $100, fix for nothing, and sell back for $300. Be SMART with your shit. Don’t just spend it…Make your money work for you.

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