My Annoying Attachment

“Anger is the response when my attachment doesn’t get what it wants. It literally drivesss us moment to moment. People LITERALLY have mental breakdowns when their attachment doesn’t get what it wants.

If you look at all the evils and sadness in the world–murder, theft, divorces, scandals–the ROOT cause is ANGER. People get sooo angry, they LITERALLY loose all conscious control of themselves”..

-Robina Courtin

It almost sounds like a demonic possession to me. Like anger opens you up to be controlled by urges, energies, spirits that are non-beneficial to your wellbeing. They thrive on your desire–THAT IS STRONGER THAN ANYTHING ELSE IN THAT MOMENT–to seek revenge, to seek vengeance, to be in the more “powerful” role, and that’s why the desire to give into it is so seductive..
Reminds me of what RSD Tyler says when he talks about ABUNDANCE, over SCARCITY, or THRIVING vs COPING. When you’re in an abundance mindset, you don’t really give a fuck about any one thing because you know you have 10 more things like it that are just as good, if not BETTER.

But when you’re in a scarcity mindset, EVERY LITTLE THING matters. You take yourself sooo seriously, and you’re LITERALLY a value leech, like a black hole in the room, trying to get into other people’s party instead of being a SOURCE of positive energy, or being the party yourself!

It’s soo beautiful to see how, once you step back and forget your puny little life, your perception widens, and you LITERALLY FEEL and SEE how interconnected the World really is… :O